Getting in early for Spring

I planted Spring seeds as early as the end of July this year – that’s almost the middle of Winter!  I thought I’d have a go at getting a head start as I’m often sowing or planting late.  They also happened to be a bunch of out-of-date packets I had lying around, some as old as 2013, but I had to see if they’d grow rather than throw them out, so into the dirt they all went, to clean out before my new order of seeds arrived.

I used plastic tubs like mini hothouses, as well as a salvaged old rack on wheels.  My partner wrapped the rack in plastic for me with a front flap that opens or pegs shut.

I found the tubs to be much warmer, which is what counts in frosty weather; while there are some things that are happy in the frost, most Spring veg are not so happy, particularly delicate emerging seedlings.

I had three pots inside on the kitchen window sill, black cherry tomatoes, and they all germinated much quicker than the ones outside, due to being warmer.  Some things took a good month to start showing (and some are still only just germinating, 6 weeks after sowing) so don’t lose faith if your little seeds don’t appear to be doing anything!

Some of the better performers so far are shown in the gallery below.

4 replies to “Getting in early for Spring

    1. I’m really happy with how they are going 🙂 With the weather we are having (28 here tomorrow!) you may not need the tubs anymore. Mine are now out of the tubs, but admittedly still protected and on the rack; they all just fit in there! We’ve been getting beds ready, I’m just waiting for them to grow a little bigger before I plant them out. Good luck! Do you have any thoughts on what you might like to grow?


      1. Back to 16 degrees here. I’ve planted some beans, peas, lettuce and spinach and will probably plant tomatoes (they did really well last year), cucumbers, pumpkins, zucchinis, sunflowers, corn. Youngest wants to grow watermelons.


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