Path feature

I’ve claimed my own space down the back to fill up with vegie beds and do what I please with.  On marking out paths and beds I decided I’d put a layer of crushed gravel on the paths, so I’ve started with one trailer load (about $40 from the local nursery).  While unloading the first shovel loads I decided on the spur of the moment to fill in what was going to be a large plain space in the path (one entrance to the back space) with something artish.

My patch taking shape. I started by defining the boundaries of the space I had to work with, then marking out a path along the back fence (that lovely green row of weeds you see along the back). Once that was done, I made vegie beds of the rest, making them no more than approximately 2 metres wide for access from either side, but no limit in length. This determined where the next path would go. I made the beds from around the edges first then filled in the middle, making paths only wide enough to get a wheelbarrow through. I went for this approach (making the whole space garden and fitting in paths) with the hope that I would end up with more growing space; the area is not square or straight sided, so throwing in a bunch of rectangular beds was going to waste some space.
I’d already laid some gravel but not too thickly. I started with a pile of broken bricks around a pot; I’ll grow a succulent or a herb in the pot that will tolerate warm dry conditions; the heat will reflect off all the gravel and bricks, and pots generally dry out quicker than garden beds.
I developed a bit of a mandala pattern with some more bricks. We are lucky to have some stacks of old bricks sitting around, as well as plenty of large rocks and larger cement bricks that we’ve already started using along garden and path edges. This old bridge (also already here before we moved in!) marks one border of the back patch. I’m going to put wire on this side of the bridge and grow beans and maybe cucumbers along it.
Getting it as level as I can, near enough is good enough for this space.
Once I had the pattern how I wanted it I buried it!
Then grabbed a broom; the fun part was rediscovering the brick pattern.
Got as much as I could done with one trailer load, then it was time for a shower!

3 replies to “Path feature

  1. Creating a new space is exciting and so rewarding. Once the work is done you can stand back and do a self high five! It’s looking so good. Have a wonderful day…oh and happy Fall! Koko❀


    1. Hey there! 🙂 I’m in Australia and it’s Spring here (also a happy time!), so I’m very busy before it gets too hot out there. I am so excited about the new spaces we are making outside, particularly this one as it’s kind of MY space! Thank you for the encouragement. I’ve just been for a look at your blog and I love the info you have there, I’ll enjoy keeping in touch 🙂

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      1. You are so thoughtful! Thank you. We are just getting into Fall here (U.S.A). Spring is lovely. You are going to so enjoy your beautiful yard. Australia is a place I want to go someday. I really like your art. Very colorful! Take care!

        Liked by 1 person

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