Beveridges Station Camping

Last week we set off for a few days break in the High Country region of Victoria, starting with an overnight stay in Bright.  After spending the following morning enjoying Bright’s town centre, we headed off up the Mount Porepunkah road to reach the top of Mount Porepunkah.IMG_2482The views and the cool breezes were most refreshing.  After a good wander around we headed back down again, through Bright, and on our way to our camping destination, Beveridges Station camping area.  This camping spot is approximately 40kms from Bright, but takes about an hour to get there, that is if you don’t take a detour and blow it out to almost 4 hours. mapThe roads are as you’d expect: narrow, bumpy, winding, and with spectacular mountain views, including those views of the steep descents down, just a few feet from where you sit (in the passenger seat – on the way).

The quickest way, to me, seems to be to travel straight along the Buckland Valley road, without turning off until the fork in the road almost at the end of the trip.  For some reason we turned onto Clear Creek Track where we immediately crossed the Buckland River and drove around on the rougher roads for a while out there, also crossing Clear Creek.

When we finally realized we weren’t supposed to turn off, we turned back and pulled up for a stretch at the Clear Creek crossing to decide whether or not to just camp in the clearing we had found here.

It turns out that a break was what we needed to decide to press on towards Beveridges Station.  While originally planning this trip we were thinking of doing the whole circuit that would take us to the Blue Rag Range, but after doing some reading, it seemed the best idea for us, being beginners and traveling with children (3 boys), was to start with something simple.IMG_2533We eventually pulled in to Beveridges Station camping area and set up.  The locals (cattle) shared our space, which there was plenty of.  They came and went as they pleased, along with another camper, for the first night only, before moving on.  Other than that, we had the whole place to ourselves (two words: no toilet).

The Buckland River runs right beside the camping area; it’s the river you follow for a majority of the trip to get there.  The following day was spent in absolute serenity – I stayed at the campsite while the boys took off for some more four wheel driving.

After two nights and a couple of reassuring drive-bys from the local fire brigade patrolling the area, we cleaned up leaving the area as we found it and headed back towards Bright and Mount Beauty before heading home.  It was on this day that we realized the drive between Bright and Beveridges Station was only an hour!  It’s not a proper holiday if everything goes to plan.

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