The Wooden Sea Dragon


(Story told by my 7 year old Middle Man)

Once upon a time there was a big ship with lots of pirates who were in their beds. Then a spooky sea dragon came up out of the water and they all woke up and started to scare the sea dragon away, but it didn’t work. They knew what would make it go away – if they threw a piece of wood at it, it would turn to wood. So they threw it at the sea dragon and it turned into wood for a hundred years.

And then 100 years later a forest grew around that wooden sea dragon. Some people came to walk on the path that was near it, and then they saw that big sea dragon. The hundred year curse lifted and it came back to life. It ate all the people whenever people went near that sea dragon; it would pretend to be a statue and it would eat anyone who came near it. And then one day the sea dragon turned back into a wooden statue and then it happened all over again ( it came to life and ate all the people who came near it).

And while the forest grew, the pirate ship started to break down and there was a hole around the sea dragon and the pirate ship broke in the hole.

The End.

Photo from one of our walks along the Campaspe River walking track in Rochester, Victoria.

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