You Are Spirit

Just some doodling with sharpies.

You are a spiritual being living a human existence.

I will eventually post some more products with this print here on site; in the meantime you can view a bunch on Redbubble.

Spiral Hex

A3 geometric art, hand drawn and coloured using Derwent pencils.

Find products printed with this artwork via my Redbubble store.

The ‘Cross of Light’ Effect


The 'Cross of Light' Effect

An A3 geometric derwent pencil drawing. Inspired by miracle ‘cross of light’ appearances world wide, and their healing effect.

Find products printed with this artwork via my Redbubble store, or see a few more products here on site.



Hand-drawn geometric pencil art.


Toenail before the new moon

Seasons and Phases

A3 pencil drawing. Depicted is the season of Autumn with leaves falling from the tree, as well as the moon phase a couple of days before the new moon phase. This season and moon phase relates to the time of my birth – circular imagery depicting the cycle of life. Roots are somewhat mysterious; largely unknown.

‘Seasons & Phases’ prints are available on Redbubble.

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