Pear Blossom

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Pear blossom

Pear tree from our old garden in Rushworth. I don’t remember this one fruiting in the 18 months we were here (it probably did though!) but I do remember the lovely old beurre bosc pear tree I had in another yard in South Australia, beautiful sweet fruit.

Find products printed with the above artwork via my Pixels and Redbubble stores.


Poppies growing in our old Rushworth garden, from seed collected from our old Ramco garden in South Australia.

Lime violet tea cup

Lime Violet Tea Cup

A favourite tea cup and saucer. The saucer is still in one piece, the cup not so lucky, although I’ve kept the pieces along with a lot of other pieces from over the years. I may one day learn to make mosaic art.

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framed Lime Violet Tea Cup

LIME VIOLET TEA CUP framed wall art print (featured above: frame ID BWM3 in the white frame colour section, no mat, print size 14″ x 9.375″)


Photos from Middle Man’s garden a few months ago.


Succulents and Sunshine

Well this is the wettest winter I can remember! With that comes a lot of weeds, but I managed to dodge some of those to find some of our succulents flowering; small but stunning!

Apparently it won’t rain here for a few days so I hung some washing outside for the first time in ages.


I thought about doing some gardening (that’s as far as the idea went), instead I grabbed the camera and made the most of the sunshine while it lasted.

IMG_3364Maybe I’ll pull some weeds tomorrow…


Flowering in our backyard at the moment.

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