Star Fresh

star-fruitHooray for the beginning of stone fruit season!  The stone fruit was part of our haul from the Swan Hill farmer’s market this morning.  A cold windy morning didn’t seem to deter anyone from turning up to the river side market.  Plenty of fresh fruit, some organic vegetables, home baked rosemary and potato bread, a large bucket of cold-spun raw blue mallee honey and some natural soaps were some of the goodies we came home with.  All locally produced.

Zen Gardening


It’s the art of doing nothing, at least that’s what I’m calling it. For a few months I’ve been watching the weeds grow taller and taller and remained inside most of the time; too wet, muddy or cold.  I’ve started pulling up the weeds and found things weren’t so bad – the ground is really soft making it easier, plus a few things were still growing from when I’d actually gardened.


My favourite find was the self seeded coriander, I had coriander going to seed in the pot beside where it is growing now, a handy result for, again, doing nothing. These are doing better than the same seeds I collected and scattered in a different bed.

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