Not the Moon


Rather, a fabulously refreshing day in the garden, especially after planting some of the below plants the day before into our work in progress – a garden, with a path that winds through, complete with cubby house, teepee which is soon to be shelter to a sandpit, an old swing and a couple of raised beds exclusively for the kids to plant in… so far.

Succulents and Sunshine

Well this is the wettest winter I can remember! With that comes a lot of weeds, but I managed to dodge some of those to find some of our succulents flowering; small but stunning!

Apparently it won’t rain here for a few days so I hung some washing outside for the first time in ages.


I thought about doing some gardening (that’s as far as the idea went), instead I grabbed the camera and made the most of the sunshine while it lasted.

IMG_3364Maybe I’ll pull some weeds tomorrow…

Garden of Eatin’


In the middle of a stinking hot Summer day, in the midst of a heatwave in Australia, you are either in water or inside.  Today I opt for inside and take the chance to share with you some nicer pictures of my garden taken in the last few days, as opposed to the wilting garden trying to make it through the day on the water I gave it early this morning.

Edible Zucchini flower

I grow food and have done for about 20 years off and on.  I’ve been using heirloom variety seeds for a lot of that time, as well as buying seedlings from markets or nurseries when I needed a catch up or head start.  This has been done while renting, and it continues in this home which we moved to in June this year.

This time round I aim to grow all or mostly heirloom varieties, and all from seed.  I have always grown organically and nothing changes there.


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