Star Fresh

star-fruitHooray for the beginning of stone fruit season!  The stone fruit was part of our haul from the Swan Hill farmer’s market this morning.  A cold windy morning didn’t seem to deter anyone from turning up to the river side market.  Plenty of fresh fruit, some organic vegetables, home baked rosemary and potato bread, a large bucket of cold-spun raw blue mallee honey and some natural soaps were some of the goodies we came home with.  All locally produced.

Purple Frost

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Some have mistaken this for purple cabbage, but it is in fact an heirloom brussel sprout plant I grew in a previous garden, although not too successfully if you count harvest as success (but I’m pretty happy with the photos).


I’m not sure why the brussel sprouts didn’t form as expected. The leaves are also edible, but they’re a little tougher than something like spinach; I’ve used them in a soup once before (stay tuned).


They were growing in a pot in the shade over the Summer as I’d planted them too late the season before. I moved them back into the garden when the weather cooled down.

If you have experience or tips growing brussel sprouts, I’d love to hear from you.

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