End of Summer in the Vegie Patch

The pumpkins under the clothesline taking over – we’ve had to hang everything sideways on the line. Might keep it a bit simpler under there when deciding on the next crop for that space.

We had two very large pumpkin patches from spring last year onwards; one nicely tucked away down the very back of our yard where there is plenty of room to spread, the other patch was under our clothesline (lesson learnt) and completely took over paths, other gardens, the neighbour’s fence, the shed and the lemon trees.  I could not wait to get rid of them, patiently waiting for March 12th (and for the Autumn heatwave to be over), the date of the Harcourt Applefest this year.  My Harcourt resident friend, who also grows heirloom vegies from seed, had a stall for her heirloom seedlings and invited me along;  I made over a hundred bucks on most of those pumpkins that day (still a few left).  My whining and moaning about never growing them again turned to “maybe I’ll just grow them down the back next year..”


I grow golden zucchinis almost every year for their delicious buttery flavour. This is the leaf from one of the plants, the plants can grow to about a metre in diameter.

Golden zucchini leaf.

Garden of Eatin’


In the middle of a stinking hot Summer day, in the midst of a heatwave in Australia, you are either in water or inside.  Today I opt for inside and take the chance to share with you some nicer pictures of my garden taken in the last few days, as opposed to the wilting garden trying to make it through the day on the water I gave it early this morning.

Edible Zucchini flower

I grow food and have done for about 20 years off and on.  I’ve been using heirloom variety seeds for a lot of that time, as well as buying seedlings from markets or nurseries when I needed a catch up or head start.  This has been done while renting, and it continues in this home which we moved to in June this year.

This time round I aim to grow all or mostly heirloom varieties, and all from seed.  I have always grown organically and nothing changes there.


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