Saving my trashed seedlings

I had a bunch of old heirloom seeds planted in pots and growing in a makeshift hothouse while waiting for the weather to warm up.  Yesterday the strong Spring winds knocked it over onto it’s back, making a mess of my seedlings.

Of course, on a day like yesterday (37 degrees celcius and howling wind) I wanted to be outside gardening, right in the middle of the day.

Not really, but on spotting my seedling rack lying on it’s back on a trip out to the compost bin, I decided I better inspect the damage…

I almost had a tantrum on seeing this, after all the effort that is put in. Instead I pulled myself together to see what could be saved.

I slowly retrieved one pot at a time, picking up seedlings in handfuls of dirt and placing them carefully in a plastic tub to move to a more sheltered area. Once I had all I could fit in the tub I gave them another drink. 3 tubs later I have a bunch of seedlings doing ok but in need of a new home; thankfully they are mostly big enough to go straight into a garden.

I’m just glad that earlier in the day I selected the seedlings for donation to my son’s school for their vegetable garden. No damage and delivered safely this morning.

Frosty into Spring

There was a point a week or 2 ago where we had what I’d hoped was the last frosty morning for the year.  As I’m growing a lot of vegies from seed this year I’ve been watching and waiting for that warmer weather while my seeds slowly germinate under protection… more of that in another post soon.

For now I’ll share some photos taken of that ‘last’ frost and the one after it we had on the first morning of Spring; we’ve had at least one other mild frost since then as well.  I heard the saying today that “it’s never too late for a frost” so who knows.

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Flowering in our backyard at the moment.

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