Morning Chill

Wood Wood, Victoria, last Saturday morning at around 8am. A cosy -2 degrees celcius.

Succulents and Sunshine

Well this is the wettest winter I can remember! With that comes a lot of weeds, but I managed to dodge some of those to find some of our succulents flowering; small but stunning!

Apparently it won’t rain here for a few days so I hung some washing outside for the first time in ages.


I thought about doing some gardening (that’s as far as the idea went), instead I grabbed the camera and made the most of the sunshine while it lasted.

IMG_3364Maybe I’ll pull some weeds tomorrow…

Getting in early for Spring

I planted Spring seeds as early as the end of July this year – that’s almost the middle of Winter!  I thought I’d have a go at getting a head start as I’m often sowing or planting late.  They also happened to be a bunch of out-of-date packets I had lying around, some as old as 2013, but I had to see if they’d grow rather than throw them out, so into the dirt they all went, to clean out before my new order of seeds arrived.

I used plastic tubs like mini hothouses, as well as a salvaged old rack on wheels.  My partner wrapped the rack in plastic for me with a front flap that opens or pegs shut.

I found the tubs to be much warmer, which is what counts in frosty weather; while there are some things that are happy in the frost, most Spring veg are not so happy, particularly delicate emerging seedlings.

I had three pots inside on the kitchen window sill, black cherry tomatoes, and they all germinated much quicker than the ones outside, due to being warmer.  Some things took a good month to start showing (and some are still only just germinating, 6 weeks after sowing) so don’t lose faith if your little seeds don’t appear to be doing anything!

Some of the better performers so far are shown in the gallery below.

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